G4A is an online contemporary art gallery tailor-made for your apartment and office.

There is a gap in the market for those who have outgrown industrially produced art, and are looking for affordable and authentic works. G4A was established to fill that gap between expensive gallery market for serious collectors and mass-produced pieces. We are creating a new space for art appealing to new collectors and all art lovers; those who want hang original works on their walls.

We are specializing in original artworks, follow current trends in interior design and offer exhibition–grade art pieces for your space, works you can’t find anywhere else.

We have the resources to find works that suits your needs. Connect with our interior designer and art adviser to help you find the art that’s perfect for you and your home or work.

Email: gallery4apartment@gmail.com

Ps. Our limited editions are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity that is hand signed and numbered (e.g. 1/50) by the artist.